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Pairs of things

Collect matches of images OR special details hidden in the pictures in this 2 to 4 player card game. Ask for a card with music notes on it and collect the crying bear and singing flower. And so many more.


It’s a Ghost

Be the first player, out of the 4 available to play, to capture three ghosts as you hop over the playing are comprised of action cards that you can flip to reveal valuable tokens or just spaces that don’t help at all.


Bad Guy Trail

Collect 5 tokens and take on the bad guy at the end of this roll and move board game for 2 to 5 players. Land on an evil bad guy along the trail and lose a token, but keep your chin up, there’s more to come.


Take Back the Artifact

In this 2 player card game, flip over 14 artifacts before the villain deck is fully drawn. Defeat pure evil like Dracula and the maniacal Dr Diablo.


Rap Battlin’ Robots

2 to 4 players collect robot parts in this card game and lay them out to build the best and most powerful robot to rap its way to victory. Designed and developed by Jordan Middlebrook.

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